Hi! I’m Ugo Akpala-Alimi


Chartered Physiotherapist. Qualified Ergonomist. Workplace Musculoskeletal Health Specialist.

15+ years

Graduated in 2003 from University of Lagos, Nigeria. I have worked both in the NHS (hospital and GP practices) and various occupational health teams including IPRS and Back in Action UK. I assessed, treated and resolved musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries. Seen, assessed and treated over 9,000 patients.


Qualified in 2012 from Loughborough University with a Masters degree in Ergonomics for Health Professionals. I have worked with numerous companies including Veolia, BP and Network Rail. Conducted various ergonomic assessments from DSE to Noise and Vibration Surveys.

 Work-related musculoskeletal expert

I love helping companies address work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) risks in their workplace. With my combined knowledge of being both a physiotherapist and Ergonomist, I help companies create the ideal roadmap to successfully resolve pain and injuries in both office and industrial settings.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders

Why I do What I Do

I still treat patients who have been injured at work. It’s frustrating seeing them struggle to return to work. And oftentimes, a little tweak in their working conditions or the tools and equipment they use at work makes all the difference.

For too long, musculoskeletal disorder has been addressed as one of many injuries in the workplace. And for too long we wait till an employee gets injured before we do something about it.

I’m tired of seeing injured workers. I’m tired of seeing exasperated managers. I’m tired of seeing 40% of workplace ill-health attributed to musculoskeletal disorder.


Aren’t you too?


all workplace ill-health

£ million per year to businesses

working days lost

top 3 causes

  • Manual handling 45% 45%
  • Keyboard 14% 14%

Ergohealth was founded to help managers like you reduce musculoskeletal disorders in your workplace.

Making it easy for you to make those little tweaks without losing sleep. Giving you the resources and roadmap to help you successfully manage work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

So your workers can go back working pain-free.

Why work with me

What I do Best


It’s easy to get lost in the mumble jumble of musculoskeletal health. But, I get it and love to break it down. To help you easily navigate your way and help your workers.



I adhere to strict evidence-based practice. Giving the best solutions that would resolve your issues in timely manner. But make no mistake, I’m not boring. 


My mission is to help as many mangers create injury-free workplaces. A place where productivity is high and not hindered by MSD. So be rest assured you are in good hands.


Whether you want to be hands-on with dealing with MSD or you want a turn-key ‘Do it for us’ service. It’s your choice. I just want to help you improve your workers’ working health.



“I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Ugo. We really appreciate you spending the day with us. Our staff very much enjoyed the opportunity to visit a physiotherapist during work time and receive professional advice and guidance from you.”

Madeline Taylor, HR Advisor

Bilstein Group

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