Case Study


Identities have been withheld to protect the employees involved.


Sales Rep With Back Pain

Frank (not his real name) was struggling at work. He had back pain. He was a sales rep who dorve up to 5 hours every weekday.

Recently, he was finding it difficult to make those long trips. His back pain escalated after 2 hours of driving. Meetings were being cancelled, Hotel accommodations annulled at last minutes. Frank was left with excruciating back pain the following day after a long trip. He had physsiotherapy in the past which resolved his pain when he was off-sick. But his pain returned when he resumed work again.

I was called in.

His vehicle was assessed. I also consulted with him. My conclusion was that his vehicle (seat) was the cause of his injury. Of course, this much wwas known. But what the company couldn’t afford was to replace his vehicle (something about the ‘hire purchase agreeement’). They were stumped.

It was clear to me that the reason for Frank’s injury was he was over 6 foot tall. The leg room of his vehicle although adequate for the rest of his team mates was too small for him. So getting out of his vehicle was an excessive twist of his back, bending of his neck and swiveling out of the vehicle done up to 15 times a day. This repetition lead to MSD.



With the support of his company, we were able to modify his seat and increase his leg room. That improved how he got out of the vehicle and his driving posture.

In addition, I made recommendations on how to best to manage his diary. So he wasn’t making more than 3 long trips per week.

Furthermore, I designed a 4- week back rehabilitation programme which I monitored remotely with an app and followed him up weekly. This resolved his back pain. And he learnt new ways to take care and manage his back.


The Alternative

If Frank’s company ignored his complaints. 

  • could have gone off-sick 80% 80%
  • could leave the company because his vehicle caused him pain 65% 65%
  • back pain worsened 95% 95%
  • production slowed 85% 85%
  • company losing money on accomodation and cancelled meeting 90% 90%
  • strained working relationship 70% 70%

You too can keep your worker at work, productive and injury-free

Don’t delay. Don’t wait till it escalates to sickness absence. Let me help you keep your worker at work.


“Ugo was very professional. She was easy to talk to and was a good liasion between work and health. I’m better now.”

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