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Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Facts: Improve Your Management


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Are you finding it difficult to return your employee to work?

Have they been absent for so long you are not sure they would return?

Have they been on and off that it feels like a yoyo and you’ve have lost count?

The good news is, in most cases absent workers want to return to work. But there may be barriers hindering their return. Many research has shown the longer workers are absent form work, the more difficult it becomes to return to work. And long-term absence sinks into worklessness.

I know you don’t want that. You’re worker don’t want that either.

And we sure don’t want that. Let’s help you return your worker back to work. 


This service is for you and your employee who’s;


been off-sick due to musculoskeletal injuries e.g. back pain, shoulder pain, knee replacement


been absent for more than 6 weeks and their return isn't imminent


alternatively been off-sick and back at work for a continuous period


not communicating nor listening to suggestions


not in agreement with the arranged RTW Plan

This service might not be for you or your employee if;


the absence is not due to work-related musculoskeletal disorder


your employee has been off-sick for less than 6 weeks


you're not willing to offer transitional modified duties or at least discuss it


you aren't prepared to make adjustments or job accommodations


you intend it to be a tick-box exercise


A majority of MSK-related sickness absence can often be accommodated at work with appropriate adjustments, adaptations or support if necessary. You role is crucial and our Back to Work Coaching can help you achieve their return.


Our Process 

Step 1

Initial Consultation

We will schedule an initial call with you to discuss the case. This would include your actions to date, your opinion, the support you intend to provide and already providing. All possible scenarios would be discussed to get the best we can for your employee.

Step 2

Fitness to Work Assessment

Appointment would be scheduled with employee to discuss and assess their fitness to work using a biopyschosocial approach. This would allow us identify the facilitators and barriers to their returning to work.

Step 3


We will then come back to you and in collaboration with your employee draw out an actionable transition RTW Plan. Rehabilitation and treatment might be required, if neccessary.

Step 4

Follow up

Our ultimate aim is for your employee to be back at work. We would follow up till that’s accomplished. If we aren’t able to return them back to their initial role, job accommodation or deployment would be suggested.

Our Tailored Package Includes

Up to 6 x 1-hour call sessions or over Skype or Zoom


Your personalized hub to communicate and follow up (no more missing emails)


A concrete RTW plan aggreed with you and your employee


Facilitators and Barriers Assessment


Follow up report after every session

Unlimited email support between sessions

Facilitators and Barriers Debrief call session


Reviewing of RTW Programme

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